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custom shirts on hangersThe perfect suit isn’t complete without a great dress shirt.

At MoSanti Tailors, every garment is made with meticulous attention to detail. Let us create a custom made shirt that fits you perfectly. Unlike off-the-rack shirts that tend to be too tight, too loose, too long, or too short in one place or another, a dress shirt from MoSanti Tailors will fit you perfectly.

We offer a wide selection of shirt fittings, shirt collars, and shirt pockets as well as a choice of pleats, monograms, and buttons to personalize your shirt. All of our shirts have a hand-cut, hand-turned collar that is balanced in front and back.

First, your shirt is hand cut to precise measurements of your neck, chest, shoulders, waist, sleeves and wrists. Your measurements are recorded on file for future reference, so you can easily reorder via email or telephone.

We offer the finest cloth in hundreds of designs – solids, stripes, checks, and more. You can choose from the finest cotton and cotton blends including Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, Swiss cotton and luxury fabrics from Thomas Mason.

Fabric Choices

bespoke suit fabric brands


Collar Choices

bespoke shirt collar options


Cuff Styles

bespoke shirt cuffs


Personalized Monograms

bespoke suit monogram


Special Package Offerings

Affordable Elegance
London Worsted Wool "Year Round"from $599to $750
German Ikalux Dacron Woolfrom $599to $750
Sharskin Worsted Woolfrom $599to $750
Silk & Wool Dressy Lookfrom $625to $825
Executive Image
Classical Worsted Wool 'Year Round'from $690to $925
Coolspun Lightweight Worstedfrom $750to $950
Italian Silk Creation (Wrinkle Free)from $775to $950
Italian Silk Mohairfrom $810to $950
President's Impact
Goldspot '2000' Worsted Woolfrom $875to $950
Savoy 'Super 100's' Lightweight Woolfrom $899to $990
English Mink & Cashmerefrom $950to $1250
English Sable Mink & Cashmerefrom $975to $1640
Custom Made-to-Measure Shirts
Dacron & Cottonfrom $68to $85
Wash N' Wearfrom $75to $98
Sea Island Pure Cottonfrom $98to $150
Pin Point Oxford Cottonfrom $90to $110
Silk & Funji Silkfrom $105to $195
Choose from a wide range of selection from Solid Stripes & Plaidsfrom $85to $125
Italian 2 ply 120 x 120 cottonfrom $125to $215
Custom Tailored Sport Jackets
English & Italian All Woolfrom $485to $625
English & Italian Silk Woolfrom $525to $680
English & Italian Tweed Woolfrom $540to $699
Camel Hairfrom $730to $900
Cashmere & Cashmere Woolfrom $750to $980
Custom Tailored Top Coats
English & Italian All Woolfrom $990to $1200
Cashmere / Woolfrom $990to $1440
Pure Cashmerefrom $1080to $2040
Custom Slacks/Pants/Trousers
Assorted Fabricsfrom $190to $380
Custom Tailored Vests
Assorted Fabricsfrom $175to $380
Custom Tailored Formal Tuxedos
Tuxedo & Tailsfrom $900to $1580

Once your shirt has been cut, it is then meticulously hand sewn with double-stitched cotton threading to guarantee that tailored look.

Shirts range in price from $62 – $150. Contact us to schedule a time for a one-on-one fitting.

For more information about our process, read our About Us page.

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“Dear Pierre, I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it was to deal with you. I have never ordered custom shirts or clothing before, and I didn’t know you, nor did you have a place of business anywhere near my home state of Massachusetts. When my shirts arrived and the collars didn’t fit, I was concerned about how to handle the situation. One call to you, one FedEx and a couple of weeks later, I am wearing my new shirts.They look great and today I am a happy client. Thank You Pierre. I just wanted you to know that good business practices are appreciated.”

- Frank L. Chandler