Custom Garments

Pierre Mohan and MoSanti Tailors offer a variety of custom-made garments to fit your body perfectly and last for decades, including custom shirts, custom suits, formal wear, and women’s suits, all made from body-skimming luxury fabrics. If you’ve ever been frustrated that a clothing store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or its options just don’t fit quite right, you’re in for a treat. Our custom garments just might change your life.

Your personalized garment will be sewn by hand with double-stitched seams to ensure its durability after we take your measurements in your city or elsewhere, never from an online form. The result is exquisite handmade garments you’ll wear again and again for decades. Read on for details about MoSanti’s handcrafted custom apparel.

Business shirt button down clothing stacked in a pileCustom Shirts

Choose from a variety of different high-quality fabrics from around the world with just the color, sheen, and pattern you like. Then have your pick of 12 different collar styles and six cuff styles, ranging from traditional to modern. Finally, make the shirt distinctly yours with the choice of several monogram options, if you like. Custom shirts are similarly priced to department-store options (sometimes even more affordable) — with the immense benefit of flattering your body without the bagginess of shirts off the rack.

custom suitCustom Suits

A perfectly fitting suit boosts your confidence for an important job interview, presentation, or date, imparting an intangible yet undeniable spark. The opposite, an ill-fitting suit with poorly sized shoulders or sleeves, is almost comical in its misfortune. MoSanti Tailors uses no fewer than 35 measurements so your suit will always enhance your appearance, not detract from it. Hand-sewn silk buttonholes, full lining, and reinforced seams are just a few of the things you have to look forward to with a MoSanti custom suit, whether you choose an Italian mohair, a French Gabardine, or a Scottish cashmere.

Formal Wear

custom formalwearDon’t get stressed about what to wear to a wedding, gala, or black-tie event. MoSanti is here to make sure you’re appropriately dressed for every occasion. A MoSanti custom tuxedo, tails, or dinner suit can make the right impression on a potential colleague, connection, and even significant other. And without having to worry that you’re underdressed, you can focus on the event, not your outfit. Choose from super 130s-150s English fabrics and upscale names like Valentino Garavani and Dormeuil. We do our best to get you looking great, feeling confident, and wowing anyone within eyesight — everything but teach you how to ballroom dance.

women's custom suitsWomen’s Suits

We at MoSanti Tailors know it’s not just men who need and appreciate bespoke suits. Our women’s suits are finely crafted and hand-sewn by expert tailors in Hong Kong’s renowned tailoring district. MoSanti offers women’s custom suit jackets and blazers as well as pants, skirts, blouses, and pant and skirt suits — all perfectly fitting, because they’re based on our meticulous in-person measurements of you. Whether you’re an executive or simply have executive-size dreams, you’ll be amazed at the quality of our garbardines, silks, cashmeres, cottons, and wools from Italy, France, and beyond. Silk-thread button holes, personalized monograms, and partial or full lining in sleek, smooth fabrics are the icing on the cake.

Ready for a bespoke suit, shirt, or formal wear that fits amazingly? Contact MoSanti Tailors today for your one-on-one fitting, or see when we’ll be visiting your area.

Photos: Ryan Hyde, Thompson Chan, Colin Busby

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“For overall quality of fabric and construction, dollar for dollar I get better value from my friend Pierre than from Nordstrom.”

- Alan Jackson, Purcellville, Virginia