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How the Bespoke Tailoring Process Works

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1. Book a MoSanti visit in your area.

• Find out when we’ll be visiting your city here.


2. Attend your appointment for a 60-90 minute fitting & style consultation.

• Wear dress pants and wear/bring your dress shoes.
• Pierre will take your measurements.
• Discuss your desired fabric types, colors, and styles.
• Place your custom order.


3. Receive your custom suit and other garments by mail in 4-6 weeks.

• Learn more about our custom tailoring process.




“MoSanti Tailors has been my first choice for dress wear since my initial fitting over 16 years ago. With the wide choice of styles and fabrics, and excellent fit and finish, I have never been disappointed with any of my suits, jackets, slacks and shirts. Pierre’s wardrobe recommendations are solid, and the clothing wears like iron. I am truly pleased by his impeccable service and attention to detail, and recommend him highly. Thank you, Pierre, you surely have my allegiance.” – Jeff, New York City, NY

“For overall quality of fabric and construction, dollar for dollar I get better value from my friend Pierre than from Nordstrom.” – Alan, Purcellville, Virginia


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About MoSanti Custom Tailoring

MoSanti Tailors represents a tradition of providing customized tailoring for four decades. Over the years, Pierre Mohan has been providing discerning clients the finest in men’s and women’s clothing. Today, MoSanti Tailor as a brand is one of the most respected names in custom tailored clothing. Our persistent clientele is the ultimate proof of the quality and perfect fit that we deliver with all our garments. Pierre Mohan and his supremely skilled Hong Kong tailors provide the finest clothes in the world at affordable prices to clients across the country. This is your opportunity to join MoSanti’s many loyal customers who enjoy the exclusive pleasure of wearing garments made for them alone, not for a mannequin or some “standard” size.


We Ensure Genuine Quality

At MoSanti Custom Tailors, we shop the world and carry the finest fabrics from renowned designers such as Valentino, Hugo Boss, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Zegna and many more. The choice of fabric is important to your style and climate. Experienced MoSanti Hong Kong Custom Tailors know which will best fit your situation. There are fabrics that resist wrinkling and fabrics where wrinkles hang out overnight. Some fabrics are particularly long wearing. Work in a warm office? Then wear lightweight wool fabrics that are cool but don’t look like summer clothing.


Your Custom Suit is Made with the Finest Fabrics

The great Oriental traditions of conscientious service, careful attention to detail and a genuine concern for your satisfaction are our objectives at MoSanti Tailors by Pierre Mohan. Along with the most meticulous Hong Kong tailoring in the Oriental tradition, you also have the comfort that you are dealing with a United States business. MoSanti Tailors is a Portland, Oregon business, so we are no farther away than a toll-free telephone call: 1-800-556-6426 And with our regular visits all over the country, we can deliver local personal service to you on our next visit to your area. MoSanti-Brands